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Attending Viva Tech Paris 2024 to Elevate ClipFix

Last year's concept is now the driving force behind NextStack's current efforts. We're working tirelessly, both in and out of the office, to elevate ClipFix, our mobile app for finding movies based on short clips, to the next level. By "next level," we mean improvement in all aspects. Our goal is to make ClipFix a breakout success, not just another app in the crowd.

The growing interest ClipFix has gotten over the past few months proves we're on the right track. In fact, leading streaming platforms are among the potential investors and business partners who've shown significant interest. They've provided valuable feedback and recommendations and helped us identify areas for app improvement. This growing attention not only validates our approach but also fuels our efforts, bringing us closer to achieving our vision for ClipFix.

After very successful participation in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona earlier this year, the NextStack team headed to France to join the Armenian delegation of tech companies participating in Viva Tech, the major annual technology conference held in Paris from May 22nd to 25th. 

This year, Viva Tech hosted 13,500 startups and 165,000 international visitors. In this competitive environment, success depends on offering a groundbreaking product that tackles problems users have, not knowing a solution exists! 

Collecting The Right Feedback

Viva Tech is a whole other experience, given the huge number of startups participating and the nature of attendees. Literally, innovation is in the air, and you have to be there confident with your startup and ready to actually do whatever it takes to capture attendees' interest and achieve your goal. 

Our team prioritized gathering extensive feedback from international attendees. This feedback is essential to ensure ClipFix resonates with a global audience as we continue development. It allows us to identify potential areas for improvement and innovation so we can refine the user experience. We also aimed to connect ClipFix with key players seeking high-level collaborations in the entertainment industry, including streaming platforms and relevant business solution providers.

“The biggest difference between VivaTech and MWC for us was the ability to launch the iOS version of the app. This allowed attendees to experience it immediately and provide valuable feedback on usability, performance, and other aspects. Unlike a small group testing session, VivaTech offered insights from a vast international audience that tried the app and shared their comments.”

Anahit Galstyan, Senior Business Development Executive at NextStack

By the end of Viva Tech, ClipFix had gained 100 new users, and we introduced it to thousands more. The positive reactions on attendees' faces confirmed that we're on the right track with this app. We can tell the moment we explain how ClipFix helps users find movies based on short clips and social media moments.

Streaming Platforms Showing Interest 

Additionally, leading streaming platforms and TV representatives were among the attendees this year. After being introduced to the app, they expressed interest and shared valuable feedback. The app's ability to resonate with their work suggests potential collaborations in the near future based on these interviews.

“We participated in Viva Tech to secure partnerships for ClipFix integration with streaming platforms, attract investors to fuel global scaling, and explore potential outsourcing collaborations for NextStack. We met with promising investors and are currently discussing potential investment options. We've also secured follow-up calls to discuss further details.”

Vardan Abrahamyan, Founder and CEO of NextStack

New Functionality Beyond Movies

During the event, our algorithm impressed a sports industry expert who saw its potential for finding matches based on short scoring clips often found in social media. While this wasn't our original design, the capability already exists within the algorithm, and we find it interesting as a new feature. Based on this feedback, we've decided to explore adding a similar feature.

At the conference, we met Oxhana, Vice President of Affiliate Sales, CEEMEA, and Head of Joint Sales Organisation for Discovery/Eurosport, EMEA. She showed a lot of interest in our technology and algorithm that identifies original films from short clips. Oxhana was excited about the idea of using our technology in sports. She suggested that we could help leading brands find old sports broadcasts where their brand was a sponsor. Since Oxhana is also involved in marketing, she believes we could sell this valuable information to these brands, helping them with their marketing efforts.

Sergey Charchoghlyan, Chief Technology Officer at Next Stack


It's worth mentioning that during VivaTech, we were honored by a visit from the Armenian ambassador to France, who took the time to learn about every startup in the Armenian delegation. We also had the pleasure of meeting the Armenian-French community in Paris at several receptions held after Viva Tech. Their welcoming attitude and spirit were truly heartwarming.

With growing user acquisition and promising collaborations on the horizon, ClipFix is well-positioned to become a powerful player in the movie discovery industry.

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