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Attending MWC Barcelona 2024 to Reveal ClipFix

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona is one of the largest events for the mobile tech industry. Every year, it hosts developers and mobile operators from around the globe to introduce their latest tech advances that will reshape the future of connectivity. 

MWC Barcelona buzzed with over 100,000 attendees this year. Amongst the 2,700+ exhibitors, NextStack proudly joined as part of the Armenian delegation and showcased ClipFix, the new app designed to identify movies from short clips.

Struggling to identify that movie clip from your social media feed? ClipFix is your answer! This innovative app uses cutting-edge AI to analyze even short snippets and instantly deliver the movie title at your fingertips. No more endless scrolling through comments or frustrating internet searches – ClipFix gets you the answer fast.

Unsurprisingly, ClipFix's effortless movie recognition resonated with a global audience at the event. With attendees hailing from 205 countries and territories, the interest extended beyond movie enthusiasts – even major streaming platforms took notice. This validates ClipFix's ability to address a universal pain point for anyone who enjoys watching movies. 

“At NextStack, we're not just creating apps; we're crafting personalized experiences that redefine your connection to the world of entertainment."

Vardan Abrahamyan, CEO and Founder, NextStack
Our debut at MWC Barcelona was a huge success, and it generated a lot of excitement for ClipFix. We relayed our vision and started sharing the story behind the app, narrating the birth story of what was going to be our next best thing. As you say, picture this: our app was born with “capture this!” The idea was straightforward.



Armenian Innovation Shines

It was inspiring to contribute to Armenia’s reputation in the Tech field by participating with fourteen other Armenian startups and companies at MWC Barcelona 2024. Our presence was truly humbling.  It was clear that each team was prepared to showcase their well-developed services. This strong attendance reflected the flourishing global tech industry and the prospects of making a progressive shift in its respective fields.

Representing NextStack on a global stage like MWC Barcelona was exciting. It allowed us to connect with entrepreneurs and discuss ideas, fostering an environment of growth and creativity. Each contended, whether Armenian or foreign, was welcoming and undoubtedly reflective of the camaraderie within the exhibit. With so much to be grateful for, it is only fair to thank the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia for the wonderful opportunity to be among the world's top innovators at MVC Barcelona.

Behind the Scenes of ClipFlix 

Have you ever scrolled through social media only to find a nostalgic clip you can't identify? Frustrating, isn't it? ClipFlix eliminates that struggle. With just a recording, our app instantly recognizes any movie or TV show in seconds.

Our team built a revolutionary "labyrinth network" that can navigate the complexities of short clips. This network analyzes every frame, regardless of origin, to uncover hidden clues and unlock the movie's identity. Our biggest obstacle was the short window our labyrinth was given; most clips were too short to contain the original frame. Unfortunately, they only had a redacted version with half a frame, including one actor, hindering the app's ability to recognize the chosen clip.  

The challenge of recognizing short clips from any source seemed insurmountable. However, the ClipFlix team took a unique approach. They adopted a "backward solution" method. This involved introducing potential issues to a perfectly functional app, essentially breaking down every barrier a short clip could throw at it. By anticipating these problems, the team was able to develop solutions that would ensure ClipFlix could identify any movie, regardless of length, language, or origin.

“An obstacle is like a portal; if you move the right juncture, you unlock a new path.” 

Anahit Galstyan, Business Development Manager, NextStack 

Our team wanted to bring our app to the next step. And so, we decided it was time to bring artificial intelligence into the equation. ClipFlix was AI-powered, and you could call on it with seamless effort to provide the title of any movie at any time.

"ClipFix is the result of our team's deep dive into the technical intricacies of AI and multimedia analysis. We've crafted algorithms that dissect short clips frame by frame, overcoming the challenge of identifying movies from fleeting moments.”

Sergey Charchoghlyan, CTO, NextStack

A Glimpse into the Viewer's Mind

From the audience's perspective, the excitement was palpable. We were flooded with grateful comments—"I can't believe you beat me to it!" was a common refrain. But the burning question remained: ”How did we pull it off?”

While we were happy to answer general questions, the secret sauce, of course, had to remain under wraps. Instead of relying on clunky web solutions, ClipFlix takes movie discovery directly to your pocket. 

We designed the app with a focus on mobile integration and intuitive usability. Our core mission? To make ClipFlix fun and accessible for everyone.

Eyes on WCIT and VivaTech 2024

Energized by the tremendous response to ClipFix at MWC Barcelona, NextStack is setting its sights on two major events this year: WCIT 2024 in Yerevan and VivaTech in Paris. These events, known for attracting global tech leaders and innovators, present an ideal platform to showcase ClipFix's capabilities and forge strategic partnerships.

NextStack isn't just a one-hit wonder. The company has a portfolio of several successful apps with tens of thousands of paid users. This established track record demonstrates NextStack's ability to develop innovative and user-friendly solutions that address real-world needs.

MWC Barcelona 2024 was an invaluable experience that gave us immense joy but humbled our senses. It showed us how much prospect we had and paved the way for great collaborations.


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