Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. Steve Jobs

Who We Are

Hi there, we are NextStack team.

We are small & strong team. We are dreaming big and thinking much bigger.We love coding and that is the reason why we develop great applications.

Hayk Galstyan

Android Developer

Michael Grigoryan

iOS Developer

Vazgen Abrahamyan

QA Engineer

Vardan Abrahamyan

Development Manager

Varsik Nikoyan

Android Developer


iOS Development

We have developed 15+ native apps for iOS.

Android Development

We have huge experience in developing native android apps.

Web Development

We're also offering web apps.

watchOS development

We're experienced with watchOS.

Our Works

We’re using native development languages such as Objective C/Swift, Java and follow the development best practices to make each application great.

Tools We Use

Get in Touch

Please feel free to get in touch with us, we’re open for new ideas and suggestions.

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